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    Don't worry John others are more than capable of finishing projects so you don't have to:P

    Just keep painting, it's all good.

    This week is the monthly early opening on Sunday and a few of us got together to get to grips with warhammer 40,000.

    Mitch controlled the imperial guard with John using space marines V Craig and Mike on the Chaos space marines side.

    Imperial guard and space marines set up.

    Chaos set up as attackers ready to rumble only to have the initiative taken away from them.

    Looks like we tried to do too big a game with too many players with only getting through two turns before having to call the game.

    J C,Dave and Rik play multiple boardgames throughout the day.Here we have J C running (C)anal mania .

    The painters take up their mocking station doing more commentary than actual painting.Not NICE guys.

    Ste will be along soon to explain what he is doing here :/

    Chris doing his best painting for years with his dark age figures.

    Bwyan painting his elite French.Gotta love those white uniforms.

    Rik will finish his deathguard one day,But today is not that day.

    Mighty thanks from myself for the most excellent birthday cake to everyone involved.One of the things that for me makes this the BEST club in Wigan

    Happy gaming everyone.

    We are gaming from 3 this Sunday if you want to pass through have a brew and pass 5 minutes or more.

    Sometimes it's the actually getting going which is the hardest part.Might help take your mind off for a bit.

    Rare Friday visit from me and NICE to see some people I haven't come across for a while.

    The club certainly has two different feels dependent on whether your a Friday regular or a Sunday regular with a few members able to make both days.

    Where as Sunday is more miniature painting and miniature war gaming Friday has more of a boards game vibe which is all good.

    Alan gets the new season of Dreadball underway with plenty down to kick off opening night.

    Martin takes on Dave

    Alan blubbers against Scott.

    Rick brings down his cousin to join the league.

    4 regulars spend their evening playing various boardgames.

    This being Canal mania a jJ C game :/

    I brought down my space marines to paint and spent the evening chatting to Bwyan,Which was NICE.

    Happy gaming everyone

    Rik does a rare Sunday visit and engages Dave in a few boardgames this evening.

    Later Andy joins the fun.

    But first he shows off his bargain purchase from the York wargames show Vapnartak that quite a few members went to today.

    Get in Andy.

    Bwyan poses Catalogue style next to his Napoleonic French.

    Mitch continues to churn through his Imperial guard.Going well there Mitch.

    Peter does more Napoleonic British.

    Only pestilence will suffice as Rik methodically works through his Deathguard.

    Imperiums Finest for me as I get base coating whats left of my assembled space marines.

    Ste loses his glasses again.Idiot ?(

    Another great day with this lot. Not just at the club in the evening but the full day with quite a few of us attending the York wargame show Vapnartak.

    Happy gaming everyone

    Tables full of miniature goodness this evening spanning a large range of history going into the far future.

    Chris finds time inbetween drinking tea to paint dark age figures.

    New member Mitch flying through his Imperial guard.

    More haste less speed with Rik who methodically works his way through his deathguard.

    Mexicans for Andy.

    Craig get some black legion terminators done and works on his brilliant custom Samurai figure.

    Peter does more work on his Napoleonic British.

    Ste shows off with his two airbrushes ,well he is painting second world war vehicles.

    We also game at the club 8) Dave's Undead take on Bwyans Empire army.Dragon rampants the rules used for this game.

    Looks like the Empire had to take the battle to the undead.

    Happy gaming everyone.

    Tonight saw the wargames using the Pulp Alley rules to fight at gang level in the English Civil war era.

    Peter ran the game with Bwyan,Craig and Dave joining in.

    New member Craig joins the painting crew bringing some Imperial guard to the table.

    Mike painting Stormcast from the new sigmar magazine.

    Slow progress on the French cannon and crew for myself.

    Chris makes and drinks plenty brews whilst painting 15m Germans from the second world war.

    Happy gaming everyone.