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    One game tonight which was Napoleonics with Andy and Dave English taking on Craig and Bwyans French.

    Mitch carrys on painting his imperial guard.

    Very camp Mitch,Very camp.

    Craig uses the force to shut Mike and Andy up,Well they are rather annoying at times.

    Peter moving on with his Napoleonic British.

    Ste gets close to dropping another tank, I mean finishing.

    I think Craig is holding something in .Better not poke him.

    Happy gaming everyone.

    He plays clay pigeons with Imperial guard.

    First he lobs them into the air shout pull and blows them to pieces .

    For the Emperor of course.

    Latest additions to my space marines.

    Space marine Attack Bike squad.

    Space marine attack trikes.

    Contemptor dreadnought

    Contemptor dreadnought

    2 Primaris hellblasters.

    5 man squad of Primaris intercessors.

    Primaris Ancient and Primaris Captain.

    Primaris Invictor warsuit.

    Primaris Invictor warsuit.

    All the latest figures together.

    So after the first game of warhammer 40.000 Mitch and myself had a game using the same points and set up with the same mission only difference was the imperial guard were taking on the Space marines.

    Set up of the game.

    A purely infantry game with just troop and HQ choices to keep it simple to learn the game.Both sides had Psyker.

    Not quite a fair game as it seems Space marines just found it a lot easier to take out the imperial guard troopers whilst they struggled to kill many marines.

    These learner games were quite good at getting everyone use to how their army works.

    Andy and Paul were the first to arrive at the club having planned a game of Paths to glory which takes some time to play.Making The earlier opening perfect for games like these.

    Rik and Dave spent the day playing various boardgames .this one is Mr Jack.

    Ste and Chris get on with painting.

    Ste shaking something brown and sticky <X

    Andy gets some painting done in between board gaming with Paul then joining Rik and Dave later on.

    Rik and Peter also painting. More deathguard and Napoleonic British.

    Another excellent day at the club with so much variety with Miniature gaming,Board gaming,Painting and all round socialising with great people in what I believe to be the BEST club in Wigan by far.

    Today as earned the Mr Pink seal of approval

    Happy gaming everyone.

    So the clubs earlier opening on the second week of every month continues and today was the chance to get some learner games of warhammer 40,000 in.

    Mitch and Rik arrived and set up for a game using a scenario from the chapter approved rules book.

    Below is a few pictures of the game with Rik running his deathguard against Mitch's Imperial guard.

    Rik's deamon prince proving to be the difference between the two sides destroying everything it came into contact with.Mitch came really close to killing it but just not quite which was enough to give the deathguard a victory.

    looking good John.

    On a side note we are gaming 40k this Sunday from 3pm if you are interested.just small forces to get people into the rules.

    Welcome on board Justin.

    We will be open about 7pm today.

    a few of us will be painting today but there is a game of Rebels and Patriots going on that anyone can join in.

    Just come on down see what we are about and have a brew.

    Dragons rampant was the miniature wargame for tonight with the Mighty Bwyan and masterfull Craig taking on.........Well erm Dave( COUGH) loser (COUGH).

    But tonight all things changed.Chaos was in the air as Dave actually won something and we all wonder what was the reason behind this ???

    Maybe all he needed was a bit of love :love:

    Well done Dave.

    Back to the painters and we were out in force tonight.

    Taking some time away from dressing his dog up as a teddy bear we have Ste painting tanks because nothing says I'm masculine more than painting tanks.

    More tanks on the go this time a repulsor for a space marine army assembled by a real man who doesn't dress up dogs.

    After hugging Dave to victory Craig gets back to his Black legion chaos space marines.No dogs were dressed up doing this activity.

    Another dog free zone with Mitch the master of imperial guard.

    More chaos with Rick assembling a deredeo dreadnought for his nurgle and completely dog free army

    Chris has a dog but his is quite normal ence the painting of dark age figures.

    Peter continued with his Napoleonic british which wear bright and colourfull uniforms so no dog needs to.

    Andy the "CAT MAN" Mc Gregor starts to assemble his fresh purchase of Adeptus titanic figures.

    Happy gaming everyone.