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    Yeah, that's where I saw it first too. Apparently there is an Elegoo Pro coming out at the end of this month which might explain the deal on that. There's also tell of a larger form factor version in development.

    Executors 1 - 1 Punch Suckers

    A brutal matchup between the two human teams was decided by lates scores at the end of each half, the matchup seeing 8 casualties, 3 knock-outs and a sending off.

    In a match of four halves the Suckers came out of the gate fastest injuring one Executors' guest star, Helmut Wulf and seeing the second, Heinrich von Duisgart, sent off inside the first four turns. Duisgart made an impact as he left, however, injuring a Suckers lineman. That signalled a swing in fortunes and the Executors ground the Suckers down (injuring and KO'ing a further 3 Suckers), which created just enough space for Prince Eddi to receive the hand-off and run in the touchdown.

    With only one turn left in the half it looked like the Suckers would just be causing some damage, then a riot turned the game clock back and almost gave them the chance to equalise.

    The second half saw the Executors maintain their dominance and by half-way through the second half had reduced the Suckers to 8 players. The game promptly swung back towards the Suckers with 2 casualties and a KO in one round and a further casualty and KO over the next two rounds. A last gasp intervention by a wizard causing the Suckers' thrower to drop the ball allowing Prince Eddi to pass it back downfield was ultimately in vain as the faster, and more numerous, Suckers quickly moved the ball back upfield for the last turn score.

    A fair result overall, but one which leaves the Executors relying on other results to go their way if they are to qualify for the knock-out stages.

    Good to meet you.

    Adamaldred and MikeG have played a few games of 40K recently and EvilRik might get back to the table if he ever gets his Death Guard finished. mrpink and John B have also been showing some renewed interest (if only on the painting side so far).

    Don't worry too much about bringing stuff along (although you are welcome to, of course) as Dave, Paul W and I usually have a fairly decent mix along with us on Fridays. Hope to see you again then.

    Starting on 10th November we will have extended opening hours on the second Sunday of each month.

    On those days the club will open at 3pm. It will stay open until late as usual.

    This provides an opportunity to get some bigger games played and allows those who have early Monday starts to get a good few hours of gaming in without wrecking the start of their week.


    Da Black Gulf Bad Boyz 0 - 1 Executors

    Torrential rain gave way to sweltering heat at the kick-off allaying Executors fears of trying to play a passing game with a wet ball.

    The Executors' took the lead in 4 turns after their journeyman hireling caught the kick-off on the half-way line. Confusion reigned as he failed to offload the ball to the team's thrower and the Boyz tried to seize the opportunity to capitalise. Unfortunately the Boyz over committed in an effort to foul an Executor bodyguard and left a clear route through their lines into the backfield. The Executors capitalised on the mistake and outpaced the Boyz's players in a race for the line.

    With 4 turns in the first half remaining the Boyz were optimistic about their chances to score an equaliser but this was snuffed out as four players succumbed to heat exhaustion and their drive petered out.

    In the second half both teams were down just 1 player from the heat and the Boyz gathered a simple kick off and quickly formed a cage and pressed down the right flank. The Executors covered the move and pressured the cage to move onto the sideline and were rewarded for their patient play when a Boyz Blitzer failed a seemingly straight forward block. The turnover allowed the Executors to break the cage open, take down the ball player, put one Boy into the crowd and fouled another off the pitch (for which the offending player was also sent off, despite his bribe). Under pressure the Boyz still managed to gather up the ball and organise a 3 Orc breakaway, switching flanks and driving within scoring distance of the end zone. In the footrace that ensued, however, the Orc Blitzer soon found himself isolated and brought down by the faster humans. With the clock running down the Executors passed the ball downfield. The pass was not completed but it brought an end to any aspirations the Orcs had of scoring an equaliser. Late heroics by a couple of sprinting Black Orcs prevented the humans from gathering the ball up and scoring a second.

    But for the favourable weather and the unlikely failed block the result may have been quite different.

    Here is a reference image of the layout for running your match for this round.

    Note that we are introducing the Ulterior Motives to this mission (cards in the black box). The cards refer to alters and portals etc - instead of these within the treasures there are two sets of treasures with identifiers on the bottom. Set 1 is three chests and set 2 is three gold bags. Simply make a note of which one identifies your actual objective and the other two will serve at the red herrings.

    Set up for war bands is now 1” from your table edge.

    Treasure placement for this scenario -

    1 in centre of table

    Each player places 1 between 6-8” from the centre treasure and more than 6” away from any other treasure

    Each player places 1 more than 9” away from any edge and more than 6” from any other treasure.

    The six models in the centre can be anything. When a treasure is picked for the first time up a random one comes to life. They all act as Medium Constructs.

    Also remember to still check for random encounters - a roll of 16+ when picking up a treasure for the first time.

    Hey bud, welcome to the club.

    You've picked a good time as there are several new members, and a few regulars, interested in getting some RPGs off the ground. Check out the Interested in RPGs thread to find out more.

    Hope to see you down at the club soon.