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    You're right Will. The McGregor's forte was cattle rustling, so you'd have to look to some other clan to get hold of a friendly sheep.

    On the other hand we were among the first clans to play the bagpipes so we can play you a romantic tune when you're pitching woo with your woolly partner.

    Basically says that the Epax has the edge for printing a lot, due to higher power led and better cooling. Quality is the same though.

    I've also read good things about it but it's more than twice the price. Just found a youtube vid suggesting the Pro will be only $50 more than the standard and released on 15th January.

    It also teases that the large format will be called the Saturn, and the Chitubox settings for that are already available - so this may be out soon too.

    Paul and I kicked off the evening with a quick couple of rounds of trick taking game, Shotten Totten.pic1318481.jpg


    Dave, Mike, Al, Paul and Lee arrived shortly thereafter and we split into two groups, one Euro and one Ameritrash. Paul, Lee and I played my recent Kickstarter acquisition, Fantastic Factories, where you race against your opponents to build goods and prestigious buildings.

    Dave, Mike, Al and Paul went full Ameritrash with Games Workshop stalwart, Chaos in the Old World. Apparently the game should play in 60-120 mins but this group managed to drag it out beyond the three hour mark before Al limped across the finish line with his Nurglings.

    Paul, Lee and I moved onto Downfall of Pompeii, a light game around the eruption of Vesuvius. Split into two phases, the first phase you place meeples into the city, then, when the volcano erupts, players place lava flow tiles into the city to trap their opponents while moving their own meeples out.

    After Paul left Lee and I played another round of Shotten Totten.

    Dave, Mike, Lee, Paul and I wrapped up the night with a game of Fearsome Floors, where players take the part of a group of B movie characters trying to escape from a dungeon guarded by a classic B movie monster. The game sees players trying to manipulate the path of the monster to attack other players.

    With seven of us (Nigel, JC, Mike, Paul, Dan, Dave and I) arriving early doors we kicked off with a game of The Walking Dead Card Game. The re-theme of 6 Nimmt! becomes a crazy game with large player counts but it's quick and fun. Nigel squeaked out a one point victory over Paul in the end. I forgot to take a photo during the game so here's a picture of some cards on the table.

    Paul was expecting to play Alan at Mutants & Death Ray Guns. How we laughed when he said, "Al's usually down by 8 o'clock isn't he?"

    So with the elusive Al nowhere to be found, Paul, JC, Dave and Mike kicked off a game of 1775pic1386705.jpg, an abstracted simulation of the US War of Independence by Academy Games.

    Paul and JC played the part of the heroic British and loyalist militia while Dave and Mike played the role of the dastardly separatists. Any word on who came out victorious lads?

    Dan, Nigel and I played Crusader Kings, a boardgame reimplementation of the video game of the same name.pic4141490.jpg

    The game purports to be, "a strategy game at heart, but with a special focus on characters, intrigue, and drama" while, in practice, this boils down to drawing a random token from a bag to try to marry/plot/invade/build a castle/crusade.

    The card stock is also the worst I've ever seen in any boardgame of any price.

    Nigel was able to marry his king and bear children in the first turn and this ultimately proved to be a decisive advantage throughout the game, although I was surprised that, in the end, he finished just a point ahead of me despite my consistently poor token draws throughout the game. I see that there is a version 1.1 of the rules available. Perhaps this makes the game better, but I'm not betting on it.

    Alex turned up just before 9pm. Apparently he was going to be gaming with Al too, this time in their Blood Bowl match. Unlike Paul, Alex was to receive satisfaction as Al duly arrived just after 9pm, apparently oblivious to his earlier commitment. A healthy round of barracking followed before Alex and Al arrange a 20-minutes-per-half timed game. Alex's Halflings took a first half lead but Al then drew the game with a second half score after Alex had run out of time.

    Ok, so it looks like we've got a bit of traction here.

    I'd suggest the next step you should take is organising an initial get together to get a feel for the club and each other, and thrash out how you all want to take this forward, or even dive right in to character generation.

    cashawke as DM the group hinges on you (no pressure :)) so it would seem to make sense to work around your availability. Do you have an idea when you could next make it down? Remember the club is open 7pm until late Fridays and Sundays, and from 3pm on the second Sunday of each month.

    Everyone else can then confirm their availability.

    Dave, newbie Nigel, the lesser spotted JC and I kicked off the night with a quick game of Azul, the tile drafting, mosaic creating game. Wepic3718275.jpg followed that up with Villagers, a game where you recruit villagers to make your village the most prosperous around.pic4996383.png

    Martin and Alan engaged in some 15mm tabletop mayhem with Mutants and Death Ray Guns, the post-apocalyptic skirmish game.pic2197331.png We're not sure who ultimately came out victorious but we certainly heard plenty of desperate wailing from Alan.

    Bryan held down the painting table, working on his French grenadiers.

    Net up was a round of The Downfall of Pompeii, where you try to save your meeples from the erupting Mt Vesuvius while trying to eliminate your opponents.pic1685805.jpg

    To wrap up the night, Martin joined us as we revisited our long time last-game-of-the-night favourite, The Walking Dead Card Gamepic1594490.jpg. The game is a re-theme of 6 nimmt! (although it's actually a hilariously bad example of a re-theme, fortunately the core game is such good fun).

    Hey Nigel. Was good to meet you yesterday and hope to see you down again soon. Perhaps we'll have a chance of getting off the ship if we give the co-op mode a try next time.

    Maijare woke me from my slumber and motioned toward a shadowy figure at the entrance to the stables stealing something from Master Holdsworth’s wagon. As I turned to wake Jaipan 4 darts flashed towards Maijare, 1 striking him. The figure dashed up the courtyard wall in an uncanny display of acrobatics, but couldn’t evade my arrow. As Jaipan set off in pursuit arrows struck the figure, fired from a half-orc exiting the tavern. Jaipan scaled the wall and spotted the thief pass the stolen goods to a second villain.

    As I raced out the courtyard door I saw the half-orc attacked by the thief which, in turn, was slammed to the floor by a huge barbarian that had also emerged from the tavern. The second thief shot up a drainpipe with Jaipan close on his heels, only to crash into some boxes on his landing. The thief disappeared over the ledge of the building. In a second I flashed by Jaipan and danced up the wall, grabbing onto a clothesline while the half orc barrelled along the street below me. The thief dropped down to street level and disappeared down a drain, pursued by the five of us.

    I’d been uncharacteristically clumsy so far - perhaps the pixies were messing with me, little shits.

    As we tracked the thief to a hidden door in the wall the half-orc and the barbarian introduced themselves as Ash and Eeyore respectively.

    Moving through the door opened into a long corridor bending to the left with a door on the right. I moved ahead to the corner and spied 4 hobgoblins. Unfortunately the sight of them caused me to flare briefly and they spotted, and ran towards me. Eeyore came crashing into the hobgoblins then Maijare seared the front two with fire, killing one and wounding the other. I despatched the wounded hobgoblin, Eeyore killed a second and the last one fled around the corner, pursued by Eeyore. Meanwhile Jaipan explored the room behind us, ensuring that nothing would surprise us and finding some food.

    More hobgoblins came charging down the corridor, peppering Eeyore with, mostly ineffectual, hits. Jaipan launched some darts and Maijare and I engulfed them in flames. Jaipan, Ash and I mopped up the remaining hobgoblins while Eeyore charged ahead toward the sound of some great beast roaring in the distance.

    The end of the corridor opened up into a great hall swarming with more hobgoblins and a troll lumbering forward. Eeyore the Dim, filled with battle-rage charged headlong into the troll. Meanwhile among the hobgoblins, on a raised dais, was the thief we were pursuing, and nearby a mage appeared to be preparing some ritual.

    The hobgoblins set out a defensive perimeter with archers behind. It was clear that they wanted to give the mage time to complete his ritual. The archers loosed arrows at Jaipan. He dodged one, caught the other and sent it flying back at the archer, just grazing it. I ran around the line of defenders, closing the distance to the foes on the dais, while Maijare launched a fireball toward the mage and thief, but doing little damage.

    Jaipan met 3 of the hobgoblins while a fourth engaged Ash, while an archer and the thief moved against me. I unleashed flame from my hands and the two attackers fell in cinders freeing me up to engage the mage with a flurry of blows. Jaipan felled one of his assailants and inured another while Ash took a serious blow. Maijare lit up the dais like an inferno, instantly incinerating the archer and staggering the mage, who reflexively threw up a wall of fog.

    The fog blinded my actions but the mage could not evade me as I dealt cruel blows with both Lightbringer and fist, but as the fog cleared I found myself engaged with the guard captain, and the mage free to continue his ritual. The captain and I exchanged blows, giving the mage time to complete his ritual. A circle of power came to life on the dais, into which the captain and mage stepped. I had enough time for a final slash at the captain but they were gone. As soon as it had appeared the circle vanished leaving no trace of the prior enchantments.

    I charged behind the troll and set fire to its hairy undercarriage, disabling the beast’s regenerative powers. Taking full advantage Ash carved into the beast, spilling its guts across the floor of the hall, while Jaipan despatched the last of the hobgoblins.

    Disappointed by our failure we began to search the hall for clues as to what happened. Eeyore, meanwhile, started dismembering the troll mumbling something about troll tusk and testicles making a strong aphrodisiac. Ash found some goggles and we gathered up a few gold, silver and copper pieces.

    Returning to Master Holdsworth we explained what occurred and asked what had been stolen. He advised that it was a magical shard that had fallen from the sky several years ago. Maijare revealed the shards we had collected and Holdsworth confirmed these were the same as his, and that the shards fell decades ago. He advised that he was planning to sell the shard to a collector, Aizune, and that he would change the terms of our contract to have us hunt down the shard, using the tracking spell he had placed upon it. Jaipan, Maijare and I readily agreed to join him, especially since he was providing the drinks for the night. Ilfinker and Erik had a decision to make.

    Hi there and welcome to the club.

    Sundays are typically more painting and tabletop wargaming focussed, although the boardgames are beginning to show a bit of a revival, so I'm not sure what the numbers will be like.

    However, since you're local just pop along from 7 and see what we're up to. At the very least you can join us for a cuppa and a chat and see if you like the group. You never know, we might even convince you of the virtues (?) of tabletop gaming too.

    Hope to see you tomorrow.