League Standings

  • dreadball-table-1.jpg


    Matchday 1, Mars:

    Blood Moon Razorbacks defeated Rubbish Robots by 2

    Scrawpers defeated Fruit Salad Orbitals by 7

    Adaptive Algorithm defeated Barracudas by 7

    Matchday 2, Phobos:

    Fruit Salad Orbitals defeated Blood Moon Razorbacks by 2

    Ultimate Match

    Death Row Atlètico 7: Rubbish Robots 2; Barracudas 0

    Matchday 3, Tycho Station:

    Adaptive Algorithm defeated Scrawpers by 3

    Blood Moon Razorbacks defeated Death Row Atlètico by 1

    Rubbish Robots defeated Fruit Salad Orbitals by 4

    Pied Pipers defeated Barracudas by 7

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