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    (thinking dwarves and undead)

    Maybe wrong on this John but Rik thinks Undead is possibly one of the hardest decks to play without some of the cards from other sets. All the other sets seem fine from the box. Have a word with Rik before you buy undead if that's the only set your gonna get.

    Shortly after the Royalist's resounding victory Prince Maurice could be overheard explaining to his fellow officers how his brilliant Cavalry faint on the left wing and then manoeuvring the cavalry back to launch a crippling blow to the centre of the traitor Parliamentarians line had been the critical turning point of the battle. No one liked to point out to the Prince that the cavalry charge had been lead by the flashing Laird MacDonald in gallant style, and the repositioning of the cavalry had been at Laird McCavity's insistence.

    Maurice was just about to praise his stalwart commander Laird McCavity when a shout went up from behind the Church. MacDonald was despatched to investigate and returned with the Bedraggled Mungo in tow, who had been captured trying to flee the battlefield in a nun's habit he had found in the church vestry. It was claimed Mungo had hid in the vestry during the destruction of his army.

    Maurice "Weasel of the Rhineland" takes great exception to being named a cheese eating Frenchie. That's Bryans preserve. Unfortunately having the Weasel trait means he can't call you out on it. But the German is a little peeved.

    Yes I see why you would pick him for man of the match, I'm sure he was on your side from the start. Never trust a man named Brian.

    Rumour has it that after that debacle Maurice has been defrocked and has had to return to his previous career as a soldier in order to earn a crust. The Weasel shall return.

    Sorry I missed this, seems like a lot of fun, although I have to ask, where was the bit where you traded a brown cube for two sand-coloured cubes? That would have made it even better.

    Yes the game was missing some trading of cubes.

    Although I think a Brown cube was manufactured when Rik's flamer saw a rocket in his rear view mirror.

    Blues poor pickup truck is shunted from behind by The 8 Ballers other buggy, flipping it into the air and impaling it into the side of a building. Amazingly, it survives.

    This is the point at which the Blues rocketman sneeks up behind the 8 ballers flamer car and deposits a rocket up the rear end !! 3 rocket attacks so far and 3 kills, gotta love those rockets. ;D

    Great write up Rik and an excellent carnage filled game, with you and Wayne.

    Cheers guys.

    Ah the fickle fortunes of War.

    Upon this cocked dice rest the fates of war. With Mungo having an old war wound I only needed a 1 or 2 on that dice to kill Mungo. And thus Maurice Weasel of the Rhine would have struck down Mungo with his last dying stroke. And who knows with Mungo dead his Pikeman unit may well have fled the church giving Maurice a posthumous victory.

    So close to a third victory.

    Nice write up of another great game Bryan.