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    Bryan and Dave fought out another Pikeman’s Lament battle, this time seeing The Kings Lifeguards facing off against Scots Covenanters.

    I’m sure Bryan will shortly have the full after action report, but surely the highlight of the battle was the fall of the Kings Standard as Maurice, Weasel of the Rhine and his Kings Lifeguards Pikemen were skewered attempting to take the church from the stalwart Mungo MacGregor.

    Meanwhile Will, Dale, Craig and I tackled the undead with a game of Zombicide Black Plague, the forces of darkness falling unusually quickly under our blades.

    JC arrived a little later and took the role of Wizard for the second game as I stepped out to organise my new purchases. Unsurprisingly, with their Talisman gone, the heroes were quickly overwhelmed to the misery of all. Except JC for some reason...

    Over on the painting tables Steve continued work on his new ship - Prince of Tides (thanks to JC for the sterling camera work!)

    Fairly quiet night at the club.

    First off the mark was Alex, Russ and Bryan getting an early start on Colonists.

    Zan, Zoe (aka Mrs Smallguy), JC, Dave and I kicked off the night with a game of Dwarf King (Dave took a dominant victory while I managed to get back up to 0 on the final hand to save myself the ignominy of a negative points finish - After all, that’s JC’s thing!)

    Bryan and Pete prepared more forces for Pikeman’s Lament.

    Zan, Zoe, JC & Dave then played something (Level X - thanks Dave)

    while I opened my latest box of goodies from GamesLore.

    By 11pm we’d made it through Fearsome Floors (where JC went on a murder suicide spree with my characters, leaving me with egg on my face for having prematurely declared victory)

    and 7 Wonders (where Zan showed his appreciation to JC, for handing him the Fearsome Floors victory, by beating him by a point), then rounded off the night with another club favourite - Walking Dead Card Game (where I finally managed a first victory for the night, and my first with this game for many, many plays)

    At 11.30 we called it a night and left Alex, Russ & Bryan on turn 2 of Colonists.

    Hang on. Brown underpants award? I don't think so - we're not fast enough to run away.

    If anything my players are wearing red underpants to hide the blood from our very squishy bodies, a la Deadpool.

    Hey guys,

    So we’ve got a new forum on a new platform and I’m sure that’s going to mean some teething problems for us all. So if there is something you would like to be able to do and you can’t figure out how to do it this is the place to ask.

    Conversely, if you see someone asking how to do something and you do know how then please jump in and help them out. I’m sure that, together, we’ll all quickly become comfortable in our new home.

    Okay, so here are a couple of best practices and how-to’s to get us started.

      [li]Security Checks
      I've erred on the side of caution with putting security checks in place to minimise the risk of bots signing up. Don't worry, you only need to pass the security checks at registration and then for your first post/message.[/li]
      Now that you’ve registered (you have registered haven’t you?) your username is fixed but you can change the name that everyone else sees. Go to Profile -> Account Settings -> Name
      To keep it simple for everyone please set this to the name you go by in the club, rather than your internet handle
      You can also include your internet handle if you wish by going to Profile -> Forum Profile -> Custom Title and inserting it there. It will appear below your name on your profile when you post.
      See my profile to the left for how this looks.[/li]
      [li]Club Events
      One of the nice elements of this new forum is the ability to create events and have people register to indicate that they’ll be coming along. Along with events that you may wish to set up yourself there will be an event created for every Game Night and All-Dayer. By registering your planned attendance we can ensure that no-one is left worrying that they’ll turn up with nobody to play with.
      Registering is a matter of a couple of clicks with the opportunity to say if you’re coming down for a pre-arranged game or are bringing a new game to try out etc, so please remember to let everyone else know when you’ll be at the club.[/li]
      [li]Posting images
      There are a couple of ways to do this. If image is already online somewhere you can simply click the Insert Image button (far left, immediately above the emojis) and paste the link between the img tags. For images you want to upload there is a PostImage button immediately below the text window. This will upload your image to their servers and create a link to it for you in your post.[/li]
      [li]Posting videos and other links
      Embedded links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc should all just work. Give a shout out if you have difficulty with these.[/li]
      [li]Posting attachments
      At the bottom of the post screen is the option to upload attachments to our server. All attachments, including images, will appear in the footer of your post. Use this if you have rules crib sheets or guides that you want to share.[/li]

    AAR by Bryan Bowdell

    The Scottish clansmen of clan Mcgregor clearly flashed their " weapons" at my cavalry , causing a unit to flee straight off the board before turn 1!

    This set the scene for the game.

    My cannons faced off with the Scottish pikemen, clearly equipped with damp powder....hitting nothing.

    On the right flank the clansmen ambushed my leader's shot. Wounded "Jean Paul Le Pew" - a French mercenary - he received a dashing scar to show the ladies.

    In the left both my cavalry and Dave's Scottish horse flashed their swords but did little else until some more kilted Scott's ambushed my cavalry.

    Dave and clan Mcgregor claimed victory!!!

    Games and modelling at the club tonight.

    Steve Long is working on a ship for Patrols in the Sudan

    Craig Grady is putting together Necromunda terrain and miniatures,

    Bryan, Pete and Mike play Pikemans Lament as a Scots Covenanter army faces off against the Parliamentarians

    Angus and Andy Mac play Massive Darkness