Club night 18/07/21

  • Just one game tonight with other members turning up to chat,Well it was a very hot day today.

    Another game of Grimdark rules using figures we have to represent whatever you want.

    Today 3000 point game with Chaos as Havoc Brothers and Space French and Imperial guard as Feudal guard and Human defence force.

    Mitch and Bwyan using Guard with Craig and myself taking on the chaos powers.

    The Havoc brothers battle line set up and ready.

    Space French and Imperial guard line of defence.

    The white markers represent objectives with 4 in the game with that in mind the forces of chaos surged forward whilst the imperials dug in secure in the knowledge their mighty tanks would lay waste to all of the heretics.

    with the aid from psykers the chaos moved rapidly through the warp and real space towards the numerous forces of the imperium.

    Hunkered down in the ruins the imperials prepare to assault and secure the objective.

    Imperial armour is indeed mighty just didn't have quite the right guns for the enemy they engaged today.

    terminators teleport in and with the aid of the helldrake the left flank was taken and secured.

    Heavy losses on the day for the imperials even though the moral of the troops was excellent it was not enough to stop the ferocious assault of the chaos space marines.