TMWWBK final games

  • The British, French, German and Zanzibari forces have now all played their Babbage game ( just to get back into the swing of TMWWBK). I updated the leader board. The British are showing that Corinthian spirit by topping the leader board at the moment.

    We'll have one game each between the 4 forces to determine the winner. If you could look at the filebase to check how to win the campaign.

    Basically each force has 24 point army at the moment. Each force can have a 6 point 'subs bench' so that you can change units from this into your 24 point force for any given game.

    Each force can change Revenue points for Army points and therefore field a bigger army eg reduce RP total by 2 pts and now have a 26 point army (still with a 6 point subs bench).

    Check the filebase notes, once you have a 28pt army you also have to pay RPs to maintain it.

    There are other things you can buy with your RPs- see the filebase notes.

    British, French and Germans - At least 50% of fielded army must be Regular or Crewed weapons

    up to 50% can be irregular

    No more than 20% can be tribals.

    For Zanzibaris At least 50% of fielded army must be Irregular or Poorly drilled crewed weapons.

    Up to 50% can be regular or well drilled Crewed weapons

    No more than 40% can be tribals.

    I'll put up some game titles before Sunday and a means of picking who plays in which game.

  • Just going through possible games. How many do you want to play to end the campaign? For example we could just have 6 more - each power fighting the other once then the winner is the top placed nation after that.

    Alternatively what may be better is to have one small game against each other first to represent the minor skirmishes and disputes that lead to larger conflict. We could then fight one large game each against each - so 6 small and 6 normal size games making 12 in total. The winner is the points leader after that?

    I'll pull a few possible smaller games together as a potential starter for whatever format we choose.