Klukfusters Passage

  • Action in Klukfusters Passage

    As the action swirled around Luchsplatz the Franco Spanish were attempting to bring forward some supplies and ammunition to help them prepare for the second days battle. French and barbaries were moving their supplies along the infamous Klukfusters Passage, a narrow path through the woods that led onto the plains around Luchsplatz.

    Some of the untrustworthy locals who frequented the woods and their passage had tipped off the Germanics who rushed forces to intercept the French as they exited the rough woodland way.

    As all the main commanders were occupied in the fighting around Luchsplatz they had dispatched subordinates to carry out the task. All had useful abilities sadly none of their abilities were any use fighting in the Passage.

    The French had a lot of very nervous conscripts with the supply train and some skirmishers flanking the column.

    For their part the Germanics had some Prussian line and cavalry and skirmishers and the same with Brunswickers. Their forces were however somewhat scattered due to their haste in arriving on the battlefield.

    The action did not start well for the French whose conscripts quivered at the site of the Brunswickers ahead of them on the trail and refused to move. The skirmishers did however manage to move out and take some shots at the Prussian skirmishers.

    The Prussians took a hard pounding around the passage entrance but their skirmishers stood their ground until a handful of men remained alive defining the French. They were dodging bullets like the matrix but slowly numbers dwindled and they died to the last man. Their sacrifice took the pressure off the Prussian cavalry and line however.

    On the other flank and pathway the Brunswicker dashing hussar skirmisher unit moved forward engaging the barbaries but weight of fire forced them back and the Brunswick line made very stuttering advances. The way was clear for the Brunswick light cavalry to sweep away the barbaries and slam into the jittery French conscripts.

    They lined up sabres gleaming in the sunlight – and then. A misplaced musket ball from a reluctant Albanian skirmisher dropped one of their number from the saddle and they all bolted back into the middle of the nearest wood.

    The Prussian lancers launched a desperate charge against the jittery French conscripts however the first unit were so desperate that they misjudged and the charge fell short. French and barbary musketry saw them broken.

    The second unit however judged their charge just right. They hit the lead French conscript unit and drove it back in disarray into the unit behind it. They received musketry for their efforts but they’d created the opening. Now for the Brunswick line or cavalry to follow up………. except it was hiding in the woods.

    The Prussian cavalry were broken by more musketry and as the Brunswick cavalry finally emerged from the woods they were fired on again and fled. At the same time the French conscripts recovered and their musketry caused a Brunswick line unit to break.

    With that the Germanics fled the field and the French got their supplies through