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    Ogres! Never one around when you need one and then three or four of them turn up all at once.

    This fellow was previously in the ranks of my ill-fated Khornate Chaos Renegades force.

    You know, the army that kills half of it's own shooting units in the first turn due to their weapon having it's very own gets hot rule.

    He's not so worried now as his close-range shooting will probably be factored into his melee factors. Oh, and another swordsman.

    Another Ogre. In fact it's the last of the 3 Reaper Bones Ogres I had on my desk.

    I've changed the head again as I don't care for the Reaper originals and they fit in with the GW figures.

    And a unit of Whifflers. Still seen on occasion escorting Mayoral processions in England's green and pleasant land; it's a far cry from their role of keeping the troops in order and guarding the banners.

    All carry the Slaughter-swords that marked them out. And no guy that presents Forged in Fire; it's a corruption of the German Sclachtschwerter or battle-sword.

    Ah ha! Another Reaper Bones Ogre joins the merry band. The heads are a little Meh! and so I've replaced them with GW Ogre heads, courtesy of Texas Jim, who I trust is somewhere safe and secure in the present kerfuffle. Better stop there!

    The old Reaper head's attached to his belt as a trophy.

    And another Leadbelcher's added to the Roster. Complete with Knoblar Igniter Rick Monson!

    And Bruno the Small Dog says Hi!

    Very good of you Bryan. I'd be happy with the shields; but there're bow arms and quiver on the sprue by the look of it and I have a hungry bits box.

    I can now order another Reaper Ogre and commence my cunning scheme aimed at bringing diversity to my Empire force.

    Two of those shields and a plastic horse tail will be all I need.

    Will you be able to de-sprue and post?

    Most excellent Bryan. I had it in mind that it was from the Perrys Ansar range!

    I just need one and then I can look to complete an addition to my Ogre Auxiliaries. Let me know if you have one you can spare.

    Ogres. Can't have too many. More Guard and a unit off handgunners.

    PS Can anyone identify the plastic shield. It turned up in my bits box during a damn good sort and I realised that my life will not be complete until I get another one.

    Fencing. Several of my units will consist of the vertically challenged/ diminutively proportioned and so fencing may actually inhibit the armies ability to vanquish their foes.

    (I nearly put a few words like synergy into this paragraph; but I didn't want to trigger Ste' s stress monkey as he has enough of that to deal with at work).

    I may well make a few sections of Gulyay Gorod to count as pavise just to try them put. In the meantime we have a unit of swordsmen in team colours and a member of the latest unit to join up. It's pronounced Gehnomi BTW.

    I think the steam tank'll be safe enough once she's up to pressure.

    Another 6 handgunners and then I'll treat myself and do the Reaper Ogres.

    I am concerned about the prospect of facing a horde of McGregor's Halfling Militia though.

    I need a suitable unit of fierce yet diminutive warriors to oppose the pudding gobbling, furry footed band of livestock worriers.

    We could always starve them out by making them miss the first course of a meal but where's the fun in that?

    Luckily I saw a suitable mini on Lead Adventure and spookily enough I bought a partially made box of the donor figures required for the conversion from Phalanx several years ago.

    So i made one.

    I'll post a picture tomorrow of the first archer providing the sky doesn't fall on my head etc...........

    Volley fire! Now how can I possibly counter that? More Militia? Certainly.

    How 'bout artillery support. Bill the Ogre identifies as a regimental gun. Bigots tend not to challenge Bob's decision. Well, not in earshot of Bill or his little mate Zippo. His mate Ben's in the painting queue. Might do two more as crew with some gabions to represent field guns.

    And the first handgunners from the small hill of handgunners yet to be painted.

    Considering building a steam tank as well. A Great fire-breathing Warbeast kind of thing.........Might be in the market for suitable 3D printed wheels........

    Father Dominic became disenchanted with life in the monastery and opted for the more active life of a warrior priest.

    His hammer is now ready to bring the disbelieving masses to a true understanding of the bountiful love and peace of the many gods by dealing out death and destruction in their names.

    He is ably supported by the first finished unit of Town Militia and they are in turn watched over by members of the Town Guard.

    Thanks Bryan. I've started a priest who'll count as an agitator ( and just wait till I do the halberdiers). Father Dominic Nimmo is very nice man. A very, very nice man.

    And there're some very nice banners from the Imperialist armies of the 30 Years War I have my eye on. Very nice.

    There's a mod that blends Lion Rampant and The Pikeman's Lament that looks tres interesting. And then there's Zenos Rampant. Ideal for those who like the models but would rather keep it simple

    ( A rulebook and neither codex, card deck nor supplement in sight).

    Thanks Bryan. Next units are to be the swordsmen shown in this and the previous post.

    The handgunners were in the Bumper Bag of Bits I bought from the Bring and Buy. I have enough for another 6 that will require powder flasks or similar.

    The swordsmen were in a lot on E Bay. There were 5 done and 5 that were

    " deconstructed ".

    I've touched up the colours on the painted figures and one of the above is all my work. They'll be joined by 12 Halberdiers in the same colours.

    The eagle eyed amongst you may notice a similarity with the Papal Guard. In my defence I'd say that the yellow and blue was the original owners choice.